Different Creative Fundraising Ideas That Will Raise Funds Quickly

Different Creative Fundraising Ideas That Will Raise Funds Quickly

Fundraisers provide us with an opportunity to come together in person and promote positive change in the society while supporting a particular cause. Fundraising is not a solo endeavor, you need the help of friends, family and the community to make it a success and reach your goal. Often, individuals and organizations feel confused while coming up with creative fundraisers that will inspire participation and donations to make an impact.

Effective fundraisers require advanced planning and a highly motivated group of dedicated individuals who believe in the cause. In order to plan fundraisers, you need to have a clear vision of when, where, and how you will accomplish the task. There are a variety of creative fundraiser ideas involving products we can supply you with. These include beef sticks, candy bars, pretzel rods, cookie dough, cheesecakes, bed sheet sets, candles, tumblers, and more. However, this article’s intent is to provide information and insight about different ways you can raise funds for your company, school, or a special cause.

Making Crafts & Selling to Friends & Family
Selling crafts that are original artwork done by children can be sold to family members. This is certainly unique, and can also be effective at raising money for your organization. This can be a very easy because you have very little investment and all you have in the project is your supply cost and a little bit of time. Family members will appreciate their child’s effort and will purchase the pieces at or above market prices when compared to a similar non-decorated item. You can incorporate their artwork into the design of a quilt, t-shirt, coffee cup, mousepad, bumper stickers, or any other item you can think of that can be easily and affordably reproduced in small quantities.

Snack Stand
Setting up a snack stand is an easy task that will help you raise money in no time. Even kids can go for this concept by setting up stalls that sell items that they make like lemonade, cookies, cakes, pies, etc. If you need some help, you can purchase items from us to stock at your snack stall like candy bars, pretzel rods, or beef sticks. You can set up a food stall in your neighborhood. For more visibility and higher sales, ask the manager of a local Wal-Mart, home improvement, or grocery store if you can setup on a busy time like a Saturday. The increased traffic will maximize your sales and help you raise money more quickly. Make sure you have your children dressed appropriately in organization themed clothing or uniform if possible. This will help passers by not only notice you, but also allow them to quickly identify your cause and pitch in.

Accepting Donations
If you have donation buckets you can make even more profit. Make sure they have the organization’s name, the project that you are raising money for, and the total goal amount clearly visible. You can use your color printer at home to print the flier. A small round container with lid like a coffee can or pretzel tub would work great for the kids to display the flier on and to hold the cash and change people donate. Simply wrap the color graphic with packaging tab to adhere to the container, cut a donation slot in the top, and you are ready to go!