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We have the biggest & best tasting $1 Gourmet Chocolate Candy Bar Variety Packs in Fundraising from Signature Chocolates & Van Wyk Confections

View program details below on our 4 Top Selling $1 Candy Bar Variety Carriers.



Does your school, band, choir, team, or organization need a quick, easy fundraiser for just $1?
Well you are in luck! You’ve described a candy bar fundraiser to a T.
We offer 50% profit, Free boxes for prizes, and the LARGEST $1 bars in fundraising.
Have you ever sold a suitcase that was designed with your communities taste preferences in mind?
Ever wonder why they put so few caramel and almond in a box while EVERYONE knows they are the top sellers?
So did we! Luckily, we have a solution from Signature Fundraising.
They offer a custom mix program for their 60-count variety bar carrier.  You can pick which of the 5 flavors of bars you want inside, how many of each,  to add up to the 60 bars inside. Include more caramel for your BIGGEST sale to date!
Most groups sell for 2 1/2 to 3 weeks, giving everyone a carrier.  Each time $60 is turned-in, they get another carrier.


Do You Have A Formula To Calculate My Total Expected Profit?

We have a Chocolate Fundraiser Profit Calculator that easily does this for you.  In case you’re interested, the calculation multiplies your total sellers by the number of boxes you expect they will sell by the $ amount profit per box stated on the program page (ie. $24 / $27 / $30).

Which Flavor Sells Best?

Our 5 Top Selling $1 Candy Bar Fundraising Flavors are: #1 – Caramel, #2 – Almond, #3 – Crisp, #4 – Milk Chocolate, #5 – Dark Chocolate.  Based on customer feedback, Milk Chocolate with Caramel is by far the most popular candy bar flavor, & should make up 35-45% of your custom mix for maximum sales and profit.

Can You Make My Fundraiser Easier?

Our customer service team of fundraising specialists is here to answer any questions and guide you through the sales from product selection, designing your incentive plan, choosing your sale dates, preparing your parent letter & permission slip, getting you more chocolate quickly when you run out (because you probably will), & paying you the highest profit for all your effort. That’s what we do. Call/Text us anytime at 501-954-2631 or email us at if you have any questions.

How Do I Help My Sellers & Parents Sell More?

Share that we need to identify high traffic work places to leave a box. It may be somewhere they, a relative, or other family friend works at. Best locations in the workplace to display your carrier include a breakroom, cashier counter, or receptionist counter. Think of busy places like hospitals, nursing homes, car dealerships, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, etc. Many of these have 100+ workers or more coming to the breakroom several times a day for coffee, a drink, or a snack. It’s hard to resist creamy milk chocolate, and helping a good cause for only $1? So it’s no wonder they’d rather buy a $1 snack regularly over that 3 week period to support kids, rather than pay more from a corporate vending machine that doesn’t give back to the community. Make sure they are aware of your cause by taping a note on the side saying, “$1 Each – Proceeds Support Your School, Club, Team, Church, Youth Group, Boy Scouts, or other worthy organization”.

How Do We Make The Most Fundraising Profit?

One way we increase your profit is by never charging you shipping. We give Free Shipping on even a 1 case order & our bars are certified peanut free! Did you know if you qualify for 45 or 50% profit on your original order with Signature or Van Wyk that we will give you that same 45/50% profit earned on ALL REODERS throughout your sale.

How Many Carriers Can I Expect to Sell?

Just by having a box at a location like I’ve described above for 3 weeks you should be able to sell 3-10 boxes. Just ask the friend or family member that agreed to put your box in their breakroom if they will call or text you when it’s empty so you can come pickup the money envelope and leave another box. How many people you know work at places like I’m describing? Some folks it may be just 2 or 3. Others can come up with 4/5/6 or more. 

What’s The Most You Think A Motivated Individual Could Raise in 3 Weeks?

If you have 6 places that average selling 6 boxes a piece, you could raise $1,080 for your cause! For a mom and dad that has to pay $1,000+ for travel team costs (hotels/registrations), cheerleading uniforms, band trips to (Disney/D.C.), etc. this fundraiser would pay for alot, if not all, of those expenses. Many people have sold 20+ boxes for just this reason, using the tips discussed above. 

How Many Carriers Should I Order?

Many groups average 4-6 carriers sold per participant.  We suggest being conservative with your order.  Start with 1 .5 – 2 carriers per participant.  We can get you more fast, so there’s no reason to bite off more than you can chew.

Public Schools Receive No-Money-Down with 30 Days Credit

If you’re a public school or school organization that wants to receive on credit with No-Money-Down fill out a Purple Quote Request Form on any of the 4 product pages. We’ll email you a Quote from Quickbooks that you can present to your principal or bookkeeper. We’ll ship as soon as we receive an Approved Purchase Order OR email from your principal approving your order.

How Can I Get Started?

So your’re ready for more info on a candy bar fundraiser so you can start cashing in on easy profit. Great! Click on a link to one of the 4 carrier pages above OR fill out the Yellow Get Info Form.  We’ll email you info on all 4 of our Top Selling $1 Candy Bar Fundraiser Variety Boxes.  If you know what Carrier you prefer and are ready to purchase you can Add To Cart on any of our carrier pages, and conveniently checkout as a guest with PayPal using your credit/debit card, or bank account.

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