• Delightful, moist cakes made w/ top ingredients.
• No refrigeration or freezer required
• Baked fresh daily, vacuumed packed and heat sealed for maximum freshness
• Consume fresh within 2 weeks of delivery, or freeze for up to 6 months
• 5 Top Selling Flavors!
• Comes w/ complimenting flavored icing pouch
• No refrigeration necessary
• Pack by the Piece Ordering means you order exactly what you need. No requirement to order full cases by flavor.
• Only 5 flavors for easy on-site group sorting
• Quick 2 week delivery – All cake orders ship fresh from manufacturer in Miami, FL
• All cakes are the same $18 price
• 40% Profit ($7.20 per cake)
• 100 cake min order
• Free Shipping w/ any 400+ cake order
• Orders 100-399 cakes only pay $100 for shipping

Best-of-the-Best Award Winner


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Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 30 reviews.

  • Francis P. Avatar
    Francis P.
    10/20/2020 - Google

    Great bakery

  • Carlos J. Avatar
    Carlos J.
    10/20/2020 - Google

    Service was amazing and the cakes are beautiful and delicious.

  • Noharys H. Avatar
    Noharys H.
    9/20/2020 - Google

    Nice cakes.

  • Budram R. Avatar
    Budram R.
    9/20/2020 - Google

    The best cake so far. Love their butter cream. Great cakes to give as a gift to Clients.

  • Carlos C. Avatar
    Carlos C.
    7/20/2020 - Google

    Good taste Cake and friendly staff

  • Sixtoes M. Avatar
    Sixtoes M.
    7/20/2020 - Google

    The Best , Simply The Best !!!!💯💯👏👏❤️❤️

  • Niurka P. Avatar
    Niurka P.
    7/20/2020 - Google

    They have one of my favorite cakes: vanilla rum. This cake is simple but tasty and just reminds you the value of simple pleasures.

  • Tha P. Avatar
    Tha P.
    6/20/2020 - Google

    Delicious cakes. Must eat.

  • Angelica A. Avatar
    Angelica A.
    3/20/2020 - Google

    Good desserts, good customer service.

  • Estella R. Avatar
    Estella R.
    3/20/2020 - Google

    Absolutely incredible experience, Miriam was professional and patient throughout whole process ❤️

  • Mayra N. Avatar
    Mayra N.
    2/20/2020 - Google

    My favorite always!

  • Jose T. Avatar
    Jose T.
    1/20/2020 - Google

    Best cake, great service

  • Ana S. Avatar
    Ana S.

    The best rum cake ever!

  • James L. Avatar
    James L.
    1/20/2020 - Google

    These cakes are off the chart PHENOMENAL !!!🎂👍👌😎♥️

  • Millie M. Avatar
    Millie M.
    12/20/2019 - Google

    They have the most delicious cake, One of my favorites, And they have very good prices❤

  • Frank A. Avatar
    Frank A.
    10/20/2019 - Google

    Great cake and service

  • Dany B. Avatar
    Dany B.
    10/20/2019 - Google

    excellent cake

  • Alexandra E. Avatar
    Alexandra E.
    10/20/2019 - Google

    Amazing, totally recommended

  • Sharon L. Avatar
    Sharon L.
    10/20/2019 - Google


  • Angie T. Avatar
    Angie T.
    10/20/2019 - Google

    Delicious cakes!

  • Tim R. Avatar
    Tim R.
    10/20/2019 - Google

    These cakes are DELICIOUS....and I don't really like cake. They're not sickeningly sweet like most cakes.

  • Carms P. Avatar
    Carms P.