Why Tumbler Fundraisers Are Popular

Fundraising are a common way for schools and sports teams to raise money for the equipment (playground or sports) and technology (classroom, film room, or stregth and conditioning aides). 

In the past, successful , fundraisers have been largely food based.  However, outside the realm of food-based fundraisers, there are quite a few other viable options that are just as popular, profitable, and definitely easier for the fundraising coordinator and parents to store and deliver.  From my experience, one of the best non-food fundraising products to sell are tumblers.

The top quality Tumbler fundraiser will sell best because they have the following qualities…

  • Double Wall Insulated – Keeps your beverage hot or cold longer.
  • Durable – Made of either with Tritan, an acrylic hard plastic that’s almost indestructible, or stainless steel (diamond vortex).
  • Various sizes – All people are different.  Some people have smaller hands and prefer a smaller tumbler to get a better grip, while others drink a gallon of water a day and want larger capacity.  The Ultimate Drinkware Collection brochure offers different sizes (16oz & 22oz) and styles (with & without a handle).
  • Designs – You need access to licenses for all the sports teams (NCAA / NFL / NBA / MLB / NHL) as well as cute designs (think themes like shopping, peacocks, beach, purses, dogs, aztec, chevron) that female buyers are sure to love.
  • Custom Design – Your cheer gym, school, team, or group has parent, grandparents, and supporters that would love to show their support by sporting your logo.  We do that with the lowest min order available online.

We offer over 10 different tumbler fundraisers.  The UDC brochure covers all of the above requirements and more.  Click HERE for more info.

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