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For teachers looking for snacks that can be sold to students during school hours!

Tired of worrying about how you can raise money now that you can’t sell candy and other sugary or fatty snacks? We have you covered with USDA Approved snacks that can be sold during regular school hours.  We’ve compiled this list of healthy snack items to make you more money than every before right out of your classroom, band hall, or fieldhouse.  These tasty snacks are widely known as the top selling Smart Snack Compliant items.  “Student Approved” means they will make you the most money!


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Fast Fuel Carrier Cropped

$1 Old Wisconsin Fast Fuel .5oz Meat Sticks

• Available in 3 flavors: beef, turkey honey brown sugar, & buffalo chicken
• USDA Smart Snack Compliant for sales at school during the school day
• Great tasting source of on-the-go protein!
• Healthier alternative to candy bars loaded w/ sugar & fat
• Sell year round (doesn’t melt like candy bars & pretzel rods)
• 12-month shelf life
• Appeals to both students and adults
• Poly bags and collection envelopes provided for sales in workplace breakroom, neighbors, ballgame, etc.
• Suggested mix of 20 of each 3 flavors for a total of 60 sticks per bag
• Public schools can complete QUOTE REQUEST in sidebar to receive 30 day credit terms w/ No-Money-Down. Reply to quote with an approved PO# from bookkeeper, OR an email w/ your principal’s approval
• 144 single-flavor .5oz meat sticks per carrier
• 20 carrier min order
• Mix-and-Match for your desired sales mix (Ex. 7 Beef, 8 Turkey, 5 Chicken = 20 Total)
• Free Shipping
• Make 40, 45, or 50% profit

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Fruitrolls carrier and bags

$1 Welch’s Fruit Rolls

• 60 Fruit Rolls Per Carrier
• Large .75oz Size
• 2 Carriers Per Case
• Selling Price per item $1.00
• Assortment in each carrier is random and may vary.
• 3 Flavors: Berry, White Grape Strawberry, Tropical Punch
• Make 40, 45, 50, 52% profit!

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2 .85oz Jack Links Beef Jerky Bags Cropped

$2 Jack Link’s Beef Jerky

• Well know product & brand w/ national TV advertising
• .85oz Size
• Available in 3 great flavors : peppered, original, & teriyaki
• Beef jerky is high in protein and low in fat
• Give customers a healthy alternative to candy that’s loaded w/ sugar & fat
• Click below to view brochure for profit detail OR to see nutritional info
• Sell year round (doesn’t melt like candy bars & pretzel rods)
• 12-month shelf life
• Appeals to both students and adults
• Order as little as 1 case
• 1 case contains (48) $2 bags
• Mix & match full cases
• Sells for $2 per bag
• Make 25, 30, 35, or 40% profit
• That’s $.50, $.60, $.70, or $.80 per bag!
• Free Shipping

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