Beef Stick Fundraiser Viability

Fundraisers are a lot harder to organize than you think. It requires skilful planning, a drive to meet the target, faith in a higher purpose, and people skills to glue it all together. To add to the challenge, there are a plethora of food products out there. It can be overwhelming to find the perfect one to select as a fundraiser. Beef sticks are a unique food item to consider as a fundraiser. True, a beef stick fundraiser is not as common as a candy bar or cookie dough campaign. However, it is often more effective at drawing a large number of patrons to contribute to your cause. Don’t hesitate to sell them out of fear that customers will be unfamiliar or resistant to purchasing. They are available in $1 and $2 sizes, with the $1 variety being the most popular by far. At that price point, people will be glad to support your cause a high percentage of time. The average sale is $2.50 so people aren’t just buying 1 at a time.

While a $1 beef stick fundraiser can be introduced in any community, they probably fare better in certainly environments, rather than others. For instance, a beef stick fundraiser may not be a hit if introduced to a vegan or extreme health conscience group. In that instance, food itself is probably off the table. On the other hand, imagine a fundraiser for a youth basketball team or a high school football team. Even with the rise in the number of vegan tastebuds in the community, a testosterone-fuelled congregation of sports lovers, enthusiasts and athletes, is undoubtedly going to love contributing to a good cause, in exchange for some quality, tasty beef sticks!

Beef stick fundraisers are not rare sights, and they aren’t any more difficult to manage than your garden variety fundraiser product. Hiring an experienced firm like Special Moments Fundraising to aid you in the planning and organization, can make it less of a challenge, if you’re coordinating a fundraiser for the first time.

Beef sticks come in a few brands like Jack Link’s, Oberto, Smoke Haus, and others. Other varieties than beef are available such as turkey, pork, elk, gator, venison, & buffalo. So if beef isn’t preferred for whatever reason we have that covered. In regards to flavors, the 3 most popular flavors are original, peppered, & teriyaki. There are country smoked, Cajun, honey maple barbeque, hot & spicy, and more. So your customers have a whole range of beef sticks in an assortment of flavours, to choose from. If you are considering throwing a beef stick fundraiser then don’t worry, your patrons will be coming back for more of these mouth-watering delicacies year after year because of their protein, great taste, & reasonable price. Make no mistake; beef stick fundraisers can meet your financial target and then some with careful strategizing and effectively marketing your project.
Beef fundraisers have broad appeal in America and are a viable source for raising funds. Compared to other alternatives, beef stick fundraisers are as much fun to consume as they are effective at raising funds.

Consider giving a meat stick fundraiser a try. Alternate it with your $1 candy bar fundraiser to prevent burnout. If you cater to an entirely different audience your group’s bank account will thank you and so will your patrons.