The Domain of Tumbler Fundraisers

Fundraising is a novel way to raise capital for a noble cause. When we say noble it does not necessarily insinuate a worthy, humanitarian cause strictly; it can also be a community or passion-based cause such as fundraising for sending your class on a field trip, or fundraising for renovation of infrastructure for your school/college sports teams. To this effect, fundraisers have been largely food-vending centric. However, outside the realm of food-based fundraisers, there are quite a few other viable options; foremost of them being tumbler fundraisers.
Tumblers are hard-plastic or stainless-steel concocted water containers used by sports athletes and fitness enthusiasts when indulging in their routine practice. Tumblers vary between capacities of 16oz. and 22oz. Quality tumblers for fundraisers, like the ones marketed by Special Moments Fundraising are known to be equally effective in keeping their contents hot or cold regardless of the room temperature, for prolonged stretches of time.
Tumbler fundraising is not any more difficult than food-based fundraising, regardless of whatever baseless rumours people have to propagate. Tumblers find application not just in the athlete’s kitchen but in any average kitchen, and are readily used by regular folks to maintain temperature and aroma of their drinks. Folks are more likely to shell out money for tumblers that are embellished with their favourite college sports team or professional sports teams’ logo. Merchandizing tumblers with a unique logo that speaks to the fan inside the buyer, is an indirect sales pitch that appeals to the latter.
If marketed for a college sports team, understand that the merchandize will not only appeal to the sports athletes themselves but also to their families and friends, the supporters and fans within the academy as well as outside, and even the teaching staff. Who knows, even the tourist from the neighbouring state may also fancy the snazzy container that serves equally as eye-candy and utility. And not just college sports teams, but national teams from the NBA, MLB and MLS as well, find themselves merchandized on these tumblers for fundraisers. Given the sheer range of teams, you are bound to find an assortment of customers who do not hesitate to put their money down for the cause.
Not just sports teams, but custom logos can be requested on tumblers as well, if you are organizing a tumbler fundraiser for a cause or a team that is not already known to others. Tumblers, even though they are not as commonplace and crucial as food-stuff, still find application beyond a niche target demographic.