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How to Plan for a School Fundraiser?

Fundraising activity in a school requires both creativity and collaboration. You need to work out on minute details for conducting fundraising. The most common and effective way to raise money is using product fundraising. There are many products for which you can raise money like cookie dough, popcorn, frozen foods and others. A Beef jerky fundraiser is a healthy alternative to candies due to its affordability. Guidelines for Planning Fundraising Successfully Beef jerky is one of the favorite treats of children. It is an excellent product to for selling in schools. Some quick fundraising tips to be followed by the fundraiser are: Prepare- You must be prepared well ahead of time by executing the fundraising plan smoothly. One has to assess each step carefully when making preparation. The organization aims to sell beef jerky product by formulating an action plan for your event. Write down your schedule, list of supplies and responsibilities of each member. Coordinate- After the plan has been formed coordinate with the team for getting success. The Company should coordinate with the vendors for making the products available online. Make sure all members know their responsibilities and duty well when selling beef jerky in schools. Execute- Each step of fundraising process is evaluated by us. We offer the below services free of charge like: • Type-in order forms • Tabulate their totals • Compiling students report Product ordered is packed with students name for easy identification on your behalf. Supervise- The team leader performs supervision to view whether school fundraising is running smoothly and in organized manner. Different events are conducted by the company that helps in advertising the products on social media. Collect and sell- Special Moments provide the option to children and parents to choose from different products. The delivery date would be chosen as per the convenience of individuals and company. You are having the option of making payments via PayPal, debit or credit card. We provide the option of raising funds through Fundraise-by-text. Special Moments is an online platform that offers beef jerky in three different varieties. The product beef jerky is low in fat but, high in protein. Using Beef jerky fundraiser for raising funds to support educational programs is a good idea.


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