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How A Popcorn Fundraiser Can Maximize Your Profits?

Fundraising for a cause can be very confusing and exhausting. You will require a good deal of time, effort and money to make it successful. It doesn’t matter what you are raising money for; whether you are fundraising for your environmental organization, supporting your local animal shelter, or raising money to cover your adoption costs, there are endless reasons why you or your organization needs to raise funds. Raising money for your mission can be difficult, especially when you’re not sure where to start.

Popcorn is one of the most popular fundraising products as consuming the buttery, kettle corn, and chocolate flavors of our popcorn fundraising gourmet treat transport buyers to a different world.

Popcorn doesn’t contain any preservatives or trans-fat. Here we will discuss some excellent ideas on making all your food fundraisers highly profitable and rewarding.

Selecting the Best Brands – Shop around a little when you select the brand for your popcorn fundraiser.  Find an affordable product but make sure that the quality of the product is good. You can choose
locally or use a fundraising platform which offers good quality fundraisers to maximize profits.

Advertise and promote properly – Use attractive and interesting posters and flyers at your school or other fundraising event to get the attention of many buyers.

Include plenty of options – You should also have other options for buyers if they are not willing to buy popcorn.  Make sure your student and volunteer know how to make sales by going over the keys to a proper sales pitch.  They should know everything about the product and guide the buyers to find want they want. When supporters come to buy popcorn, the volunteers and team members should be friendly and know what to say. You can design and practice a sales pitch to motivate them. 

With the right brand, plan, and training you can reach your fundraising goals in a short span of time with a popcorn fundraiser.


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