The Psychology Of Why Frozen Foods Fundraisers Are So Successful?

As adults we realize activities involving sweet and savory treats are often some of the happiest and most memorable events in our lives.  Perhaps it was an ice cream on the boardwalk with your mom on a Summer trip to Florida, the peanuts and hotdog you shared with your dad at a Major League baseball game, the churro you had at Disneyworld with your family, a special homemade birthday cake your Aunt made for you growing up, or some other culinary delight.  The bottomline is few things can beat a mouth-watering sweet treat sinking in your teeth.

Unfortunately, for adults our metabolism often slows and so does the excitement.  Fond memories of being a kid and enjoying the moment are replaced with worry over the calories and fat grams we’re about to consume.  That guilt keeps us out of the bakery at our local grocery store, away from desserts we go out to eat, and generally apart from sweets most of the time. 

That is until the sweet little girl next door or son of your co-worker asks if you’d like to help their school get new playground equipment and her/him earn an awesome prize or MEGA party.  Calories and fat grams now go out the door and your memories of being a kid and giving a hoot shine through.  Incidentally, you know you’ll have the “excuse” to eat these wonderful treats when they arrive.  This psychological chain of events is what drives frozen food sales!  This is why most of the elementary schools in your area have figured out they make more money with sweets than granola, Christmas gifts & wrapping paper, donations form a fun run, or any other idea.  Can you blame them?  If it’s harder to catch a fly with vinegar than honey, then why force a round peg into a square hole.  Consider getting on the cookie dough train and heading towards HUGE profits. 

Popular Frozen Foods Fundraising Products

Consuming a product everybody knows and loves makes it easier to sell.  Selecting a good quality product and combining that with a worthy cause can push you over the top in the quest to reach your monetary goal.  We are committed to providing the best quality products so that your customers will purchase from you year after year.  Here are the frozen food product types I’ve seen make the most successful fundraisers :

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