How to Organize a Beef Stick Fundraiser

Fundraisers are a cost-effective and intuitive way to rake up financial resources for a just cause. However, folks usually gravitate towards fundraising with the help of sweets, candies, and confectionary in general. Truth be told, confectionaries, toffees and the likes do offer a certain degree of commercial viability given the fact that they can be easily catered to their relevant target demographic. Even outside the target demographic, i.e., children, these fundraisers attract a decent amount of enthusiasm from adults with a sweet tooth as well. However, if grasping the fundraiser game by the jugular is what you are after, then it may behove you to go for a beef stick fundraiser instead.
Beef stick and other meat-based commodities which can make for a good fundraiser item offer a slew of advantages marketing wise. Unlike candies and confectionary, beef sticks do not strictly fall into the category of ‘junk food(s).’ They are often a part of monthly grocery lists and even make for a tasty snack. Given the nutrition content in beef sticks, folks are more likely to purchase beef sticks, which are usually priced slightly above your average candy or confectionary. Beef sticks are not over-the-top expensive either so, convincing adults who are not familiar with the cause of the fundraiser, should not be a very daunting task.
Finding a good supplier of beef sticks is a prudent idea. For the uninitiated, a brand like Special Moments Fundraising is an excellent option as far as beef sticks are concerned. Not only are they known for catering bulk as well as a moderate quantity of beef sticks for fundraisers, at affordable prices, but they also offer sage-advice when it comes to organizing fundraisers. Quality meat-products that surpass the benchmark for approval and then some are readily available from them.
Preparing your volunteers team for a beef stick fundraiser is not exactly the easiest or least-time-consuming task on the agenda. Educating your team as to what because they are slogging for is crucial. The more they feel the conviction to collect funds for the cause, the better. Ensure that your team is aware of the fact that the beef products may come in more than one variety of flavour. Also these kind of protein-rich food items come with their own set of statutory warnings with respect to allergic reactions upon consumption. Having your team educate themselves about these kinds of strictures show your patrons that you are not just about raking up money!
Beef sticks are likely to sell in areas that have a gymnasium, sports, and athletics club, at inter-college sports, meets, etc., where there are lots of takers for non-vegetarian protein consumption. Ensuring that your team has an earnest sales pitch that highlights the cause they are appealing to everyone’s empathy for. Once your squad can instill into every prospective customer how much their generous contribution humbles you and helps you make your cause a reality, folks are more likely to shell out for a beef stick or two.

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