Why You Should Organize a Signature Chocolate Fundraiser

Change is the only constant. And in a changing world, it is not very surprising when even fundraiser items change in nature. Gone are the days when cookies, tumblers and the likes used to be the only
viable options for sale when you planned a fundraiser for a cause. The trend has shifted to incorporate other food items, snacks or household items. Chocolate fundraisers are a delight in their own right. And organizing one can be as fun for you, as it is for the taste testers.  Signature Chocolate’s products are a huge favorite and will fly off your shelves like hot cakes.

Here’s two ways a chocolate fundraiser can be handled.  Host an event where patrons are invited and the products are on exhibition.  Alternatively, the most popular way is by having a team of volunteers go from patron to patron with the assorted offerings at hand.

Here are a few advantages of organizing a fundraiser drive with chocolate products from Signature:
• Signature offers a range of low-priced chocolate items, and other candy treats like gummy bears, that are a hit with consumers of all ages! Fundraisers can order the dollar-priced gourmet chocolate bars from Signature. There is also a $2 gourmet chocolate bars and boxes available for fundraisers. At this $2 price point we also offer milk chocolate covered almonds and gigglejigs which happen to be my favorite.  They are pecan caramel clusters drenched in sweet and creamy milk chocolate.  There’s 4 cluster patties in each package for just $2!
• Signature’s gourmet chocolate products for fundraisers usually come in an assorted box of different flavors such as almond, caramel, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, etc. This ensures that there is something for everyone with a sweet-tooth, who comes up to you or one of your volunteers. 
• Signature’s gourmet chocolate trumps competitors’ products not only for its pricing but also because of how great it tastes. Concocted from a special recipe that sees generous helpings of cocoa butter that melts in your mouth. It gives you a creamy, delicious satisfaction in every bite.
• Who doesn’t love more chocolate for the same low price of $1?! The answer is of course everyone! Compared to their competitors, Signature offers gourmet chocolate bars in a variety of flavors and net weight of 1.5 ounces.
• A bar of signature chocolate is made with the most hygienic, and periodically improved recipe available in the industry. Signature also ensures that their methods are compliant with common allergens such as nuts.  Chocolate fundraisers are often frowned upon and dismissed as a source for junk-food. However, that remains very much debatable considering the best practice policies followed by the likes of
Signature, and the favoritism for chocolate among ages 8-80.  Give people what they want.  Your sales, and consequently your overall profits, will prove without a doubt that chocolate is the #1 fundraiser for your group.


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