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Have you heard what people are saying about our pretzel rod fundraisers?


Testimonials come in daily!


Here is just a sampling…

Martha C. from California – “This was a great idea for a fundraiser. People love the candy covered pretzels, especially because they were only $1.00 each.”

Jennifer O. from Florida – “The pretzel rods are a fantastic fundraiser! They are flying out of the box, and there are many repeat customers.”

Zena F. from Nevada – “Selling the Sweet and Salty Pretzel Rods was awesome because it only took me 2 days to sell. I never had sold anything faster than that. Every time someone saw me with my box they demanded, not asked, but demanded me to give them one because they were just so good. They are just AMAZING!!”

Cherish T. from Oklahoma – “Your sweet & salty pretzel rods are freaking AMAZING, especially the Crunchy Toffee ones!”

Jamie F. from Louisiana – “So glad our school chose your company for our fundraiser!! The pretzel rods are very yummy & sell themselves! Thank you for a great product & helping us raise money!!! God bless you abundantly.”

Toniann N. from New York – “Your pretzels sold like hotcakes! I went through three boxes in one week! The Chocolate Chunk RODS were so tasty!”

Sheryl W. from Kansas – “All their products are outstanding! The Pretzel Rods are especially delicious.”

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