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Have you heard what people are saying about our chocolate bar fundraisers?


Testimonials come in daily!


Here is just a sampling…

Cindy C. from Arkansas – “In the Spring, our elementary’s PTA sold 216 boxes of $1 variety candy bars with another company. So far, we have distributed 237 boxes of the Signature Funtastic and have OVER 2 weeks left to sell!”

Destiny H. from Arkansas – “The candy bars are easy to sell and a hit with everyone.”

Olivia C. from Illinois – “Love this fundraiser! Easy and quick, thanks for your one dollar bars! It’s really helping kids in Nigeria get an education!”

Erica C. from Missouri – “Love selling ONE DOLLAR BARS to raise money! Thank you for the awesome chocolate.”

Eli M. from Texas – “My son is selling chocolates for his school fundraiser. This is a fundraiser I actually look forward to because not only are the chocolates easy to sell, but they are very delicious!”

Emily C. from California – “Thanks for giving my school the opportunity to fund raise with your company. It’s a very affordable fundraiser and your chocolate bars are the best!”

Brandy F. from Arizona – “We love selling the $2 Chocolatiers bars every year. It’s the easiest fundraiser our team does! We will continue to sell these every year, they are that good!”

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