How To Run A Successful Cake Sale Fundraiser?


This fundraiser is one of the most effective ways to raise funds for your school, church or other organization. Fundraisers that sell food attract the largest number of customers and reach their goal faster. If you are new to fundraising then a good-old reliable cake fundraiser can be a great way to start. Delicious cakes have universal appeal to both young and old and are simple and easy to sell even for young children.

Selling cake as a fundraiser has several benefits as it is convenient and small in size which makes it easy to handle and track. If your group, team, or organization is looking for a way to raise funds then you should be considering cake sales as a proven way to accomplish that goal. Let’s discuss some of the things you need to keep in mind to make your fundraising a success.

Plan Ahead

One of the problems that many people who are considering fundraising face is procrastinating. Planning ahead and starting early can only make life easier for the person in charge as well as the people doing the selling. Not only will there be less stress, but the added time will allow volunteers to sell more products and make more money.

Select a Leader and Volunteers

The leader should be someone who has excellent organizational skills. The person should also be able to delegate responsibilities, which is essential to a well-run event. To make the cake fundraiser a success you will need several people dedicated to organizing donations, handling publicity, setting up tables and/or the booth, selling goods, collecting money, and cleaning up.

Consider Timing and Location

Try to place your table and/or booth in a high-traffic area. To guarantee a heavy traffic flow, plan the sale around other coordinating events. Remember that presentation is everything so divide the cakes according to variety, serving size and keep the table organized and decorated.

Why are cake fundraisers popular?

There are plenty of reasons why cakes work so well for all sorts of fundraising events:

  • Everybody is familiar with cake, so it doesn’t need any introduction
  • Setup is a breeze with a couple of folding tables
  • Everyone loves cake, and your sale is just the perfect excuse to break from their diet
  • They do not cost much to set up and run
  • They allow participation by a wide group of people so everyone is contributing
  • It is easy to involve kids because even a 10 year old has the requisite baking skills to contribute a boxed cake to the sale
  • Buyers get a tasty treat for supporting your cause
  • They are popular in social occasions and will attract customers easily
  • Want a snack then just grab a slice
  • Have a birthday coming up then purchase an entire cake
  • There are wide variety of cakes so every customer can get the flavor they enjoy
  • Additionally flavors and themes can be tailored to promote a specific upcoming event (Race for the Cure, Baseball Tournament, Walk-A-Thon, etc.)
  • It can be a stand-alone event such as a table at church, out front of a local business, or at a busy workplace

If you like the idea of a cake fundraiser, but don’t see you or your members as the baking type that’s ok too.  We can supply the decadent desserts : Edda’s & Special Moments make incredible tasting bundt cakes that you can pre-sell to friends, family, neighbors, church members, & co-workers.

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