How to Choose a Good Fundraising Company For Your School Event?

You need to find a fundraising company that meets your specific goals and needs. All fundraisers are not the same as one size does not fit all. Choosing a product for fundraising is an important decision.
You need to find a company that maximizes sales. The best would be a Meat fundraiser as it is a healthy alternative in comparison to candies.   Factors Considered when Choosing Fundraising Organization
Finding a vendor that meets all your goals and needs, is the key. Selecting a good fundraiser can be confusing but, it will surely make a difference to your group. The various factors considered when
picking out a company are:

Quality Fundraising Products

Special Moments only sells quality fundraising product to help organizations get repeat sells to their customers. They sell more than 100 varieties of product and have the widest range of options in fundraising.  The company believes in creating happy supporters by building organization reputation in the market.

Highest Profit Earned

You can make between 40-55% of profit when purchasing product from the company. It is the best in the market as you can earn more by raising funds for the meat product.  For instance, you may require some clarification regarding profit made provided by the staffs.

Superior Support

The organization is present to guide and support you entirely for the fundraising cause. You can pay by debit or credit card and parents can even fundraise by texting. It motivates students to raise more funds by offering incentives.  Free shipping and free to start- No delivery charges are incorporated when shipping meat product.

No Upfront Costs

We have over 40 different programs that require no money down to begin.  Start anytime with no upfront cost being charged for brochures, order form, collection envelopes, advice, or shipping you the materials.  Every cause and group is different so, the product offered is customized and pre-sorted.  Many groups require helps in raising money. Special Moments fundraising campaigns make it easy to get the money with products students love.

Are you looking for good fundraising ideas?

Try a meat fundraiser that appeals to both adults and students from Pine River.  There’s a low 50 item minimum order and the Timeless Traditions brochure doesn’t require refrigeration. 

Fundraising is incomplete without coordination between the group coordinator, your staff, and sellers.  We’re committed to making that process easy.


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