3 Useful Selling Tips To Motivate Kids

A successful fundraiser involves a good deal of effort and a commitment of time. On top of that, you might not be comfortable asking for money. Your perspective is often times no different from that of your sellers and their parents. For the reasons above, if you’re looking for a fundraising idea for your organization that everyone can get excited about, consider something new with a $2 popcorn fundraiser from Special Moments Fundraising. We have helped numerous schools, sports teams, cheer squads, dance teams, and plenty of other organizations raise funds in a fun and delicious way.

Advantages of considering popcorn as a fundraiser :

Inexpensive – $2 Bags of Popcorn is a cheap way for patrons to support your cause.

Popular product – There are very few people who can resist the salty savory taste of our premium popcorn.

High-profit margin – Popcorn will bring in serious amounts of cash for very little outlay. Get to 50% profit with only 40 carriers. Each carrier only has 30 units. I challenge you to find a product with a lower minimum when earning 50% profit.

Even with a great product, if you want kids to be able to sell your product effectively, you need to make the process easy. It can be a little intimidating for kids to sell without the right tools. Getting kids excited about the product and passionate about the cause is just the first step.

Here are 3 additional tips to help motivate kids to sell to family, friends, and other members of the community :

1. Make sure they know the product
Most kids already know what popcorn is, but it’s important that they know everything about what they’re selling like what types of popcorn, what it is for, etc. That way children will be happy and confident in their ability to share knowledge of the product when they approach potential customers. Who doesn’t love a child that is well informed about what they’re selling and why? It will be hard for anyone to tell them no.

2. Let Them Keep Track of Their Progress
Create a simple chart or spread-sheet that documents their progress in sales so far so that the kids feel motivated by actually seeing what they have accomplished and what they have to accomplish. You can also set small goals for them to make feel more excited and give them small treats after they accomplish their goals. Letting them know as the coach, coordinator, or team leader that you care will heavily influence their commitment and will subsequently product a direct correlation with your overall sales.

3. Introduce them to people you know to get them started
If the fundraising campaign starts with people the kids know, they can eventually get more comfortable with their approach, and possibly sell to mom’s co-workers, church members, or other folks in your neighborhood. You can introduce the kids if they are new to selling or nervous, but always let the kids handle the sales. This process is bigger than your fundraising campaign itself. The life skills they learn and refine are priceless.

Special Moments Fundraising can help you raise funds if you are planning to raise funds for a school field trip, prom, team uniforms, charitable cause, or just about anything else. Perhaps you should consider raising money with delicious $2 bags of popcorn. Get a free analysis of your organization and upcoming campaign goals. We’ll make it extremely easy by identifying the specific product and approach that will be most effective for your group and that will fit your time constraints. Let us customize a fundraising plan according to the needs of your organization today!


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