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Gil Jackson and his son, Jason, operate a family-run organization that focuses on the customer’s experience. With over 35 years of combined fundraising experience we’ve learned a thing or two on how to treat people.


1. We NEVER require school personnel to type-in order forms online, to tabulate their totals, or compile their own student reports. These services are provided FREE of charge.

2. When available, our items are ALWAYS offered presorted. We are not in the business of creating more work for our customers. We realize your time is valuable! This means your items will arrive packed for each student, labeled with student’s name for easy identification, with the original order form inside.

3. You will not be FORCE FED a delivery date. Once the order is ready to ship we will provide you with the earliest available delivery date. If that date doesn’t work with your schedule, a later delivery date can be selected as an alternative.

4. When you work with Special Moments you know you can speak with a decision maker that day to get a TIMELY response & resolution. This could be something as trivial as clarification on the sales process or profit earned, a revision made on a parent letter, or a change in date for the kickoff speech or delivery.

Thank you for considering us for your next project! Use our contact form to get more information.