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Fundraising Types


PREPAY – Cookie Dough, Tumblers, GiftWrap, Frozen Foods, etc.

Step 1 – Orders are taken for 2 weeks. All money is collected from
customers in advance.

Step 2 – Upon the sale’s completion, order forms and money are turned into the fundraising coordinator. Money is deposited into the school’s activity or organization’s bank account.

Step 3 – The order forms are mailed off to the plant for processing & order fulfillment.

Step 4 – Approximately 3-4 weeks later the items are ready to ship and a delivery day is scheduled with the school. Parents pickup their items on delivery day and distribute them to friends and family that have purchased from the organization.

DIRECT SALE – $1 & $2 Items

Step 1 – The fundraising coordinator orders enough of the $1-$2 product to reach their goal based on a discussion with a Special Moments Representative on what is a “realistic” target. Carriers contain 50-60 $1 items. Sales of 2-4 carriers per player/member/student are not uncommon. We typically suggest ordering 1.5-2 carriers per member.

Step 2 – Students and their parents take the boxes to work, church, the ballgame, etc. and ask friends and family if they would like to support their child’s organization by purchasing a few.

Step 3 – Customers hand them $1, $5, $10, or $20. They put their money in the collection envelope and hand the customer the corresponding number of sticks/bars/etc.

Step 4 – The student sells his entire box, turns in the money to the coordinator, and gets another box.

Step 5 – Our group sells all the boxes we can over a 2 ½ – 3 week period.