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The Ultimate Gourmet Fundraiser

• 2.7lb Proportioned Box Cookie Dough, Pizza, Pies, Cobblers, Cheesecakes, Cinnamon Rolls, and Sweet Rolls
• 8-page brochure (31 items)
• AFFORDABLE – Options starting at $14 & going up to $20
• CONVENIENT – Shelf stable at room temp (66-77 degrees) for 21 days
• GREAT TASTING – Blue Ribbon Products manufactures the best tasting shelf stable cookie dough in fundraising
• EASY – Delivers presorted by participant to make distribution a breeze
• REPORTS – Excel reports provided that summarize sales ranking by participant, profit, & all relevant data
• SAVE TIME – No order entry required.  Just send us the order forms (scan/email or ship) & we’ll do the rest.
• FREE SHIPPING – Keep more of what you earn
• LOWEST MIN ORDER – Only 100 items
• BIGGER PROFITS – Make up to 50% profit!

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